A full service design agency, that has been taking our clients to the next level since 2001.

Recent Work

Hispanic Americans in the U.S. Army
Impact Movement - Branding
Legends - Zion Church
Refuel - Zion Church
U.S. Army Medal of Honor Website Redesign
Zion Church - Branding
Information Management Resources Inc
Fearless Solutions
Clear Sight Music
Cross Movement Records
Denver Rescue Mission
Impact Movement
Restoration Christian Fellowship
U.S. Army
Zion Church

About XCell

XCell is a full service design agency focused on taking our clients “to the Next Level”. We strategically create innovative platforms for Government, Non-Profit and innovative companies. We are passionate about making your vision a reality.

Like most web based companies we got our start in early 2001 in Denver, Colorado. While in high school Felix Gilbert began to get many awards and national recognition for his web design work. That’s when his father Felix Gilbert (sr.) noticed something in his son and decided to invest and help him accomplish his dreams of owning his own business. That’s when G&G Graphics & Web Design was born, out of a father's passion to help his son rise to another level. Throughout the years G&G grew and had a very large and diverse client base.

Many years later Felix Gilbert began to have a desire to take his skills to another level. That is when he put a strong focus on the quality of his work vs the quantity of work he created for his clients. That is when he started XCell Design Firm now known as XCell. Immediately out the gate XCell quickly went from a local area graphic and web design company to working with many national and international clients. Today XCell has a vibrant growing agency based in the Washington D.C. area and has a strong focus on building brands, that are ready to take the step to the next level.

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