Cleaning up our Mess

This is no easy topic to talk about but is necessary. Why is it not easy? Well because it requires a certain level of transparency. To those nosey people out there this is right up their alley. But to those that need this this may or may not be an easy read.

Recently I took 1 entire week cleaning up around my house specifically around in my office. You see, now that I have the awesome opportunity to work from home I’m in my office all the time now. But recently I noticed that it’s hard to stay focused when I work. So I would often get up take a break go say hi to my wife and kids. Or just to stretch. But whenever I looked over at my desk area it freaked me out! Because there were papers and junk everywhere, boxes from our recent move 4 months ago still halfway unpacked. And it bothered me. Because I knew that if I took the time to clean up my office I would have peace and be able to focus while I was working.

Well during this clean I found some stuff that really challenged me That of which was as I went through two of the boxes, I found piles and piles of old documents, bills etc. That have been sitting in this box. Some of which embarrassingly enough where from 3-4 years ago. But it’s stuff we carried around from house to house. Long story short I sorted the docs from what we need to don’t need, even parting ways with old documents we were just keeping just in case. I had my three piles my Important gotta keep pile, my shred this pile, and my trash junk pile.

Out of those which pile do you think was the biggest? You guessed it the trash Junk pile. The shred pile was the smallest it all fit within a small shoe box. That I happily shredded and disposed of. And the important must keep though it’s a lot of documents, it’s manageable. The issue I had though was when I walked out the next day to put the trash out. I opened the trash put all the crap in the trash just before the trash truck came to pick it up, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 90% of the trash in there is the stuff that we (my wife and I) had been carrying around for years! And I said to myself man if this is a representation of my life, or my marriage dag there is some serious cleaning that needs to take place. This can’t be healthy. I’ll save you the picture of how much crap it was but you can just imagine it was enough to make you think. Now i’m on a new mission of cleaning up shop and just going through the junk in my life/house and asking the question is this needed. And why am I carrying it around?

Example, as I wrote this post I just recently came back from Best Buy where I was about to buy a new hard drive because my computer was out of space. I have been fighting it the past two weeks as it keeps giving me errors saying THERE IS NO MORE SPACE!!! Naturally I wanted the high end Solid State Drive (SSD) What that means is super fast! The type of fast I push push the power button and there is no load screen my computer is just on and i start typing. Well I spent hours and days looking for a replacement as I had/have to have the high end Hard drive. My wife even said to me. “Just about every year you come to me saying you need a hard drive why don’t you just bite the bullet and pay for what you need so you don’t have the same issue next year. But use the money in XYZ account” Naturally i was excited yes! That means I get the new 1TB SSD drive but initial cost $700+ after further research I found another one for around $300-$400+ the extra component I would need. Well after fighting and struggling spending that kind of money in best buy I talked myself down to just buying the standard hard drive with 4x’s the storage at 4TB and for $120. But just before I walked out to buy it hit me. Why don’t I go home and clean up the hard drive. I tell you what. After one quick clean sweep you know what my issue was? It was my picture folder! All from my phone! Obviously you have to keep the pictures right!! Well as I did a rough run through I saw all kind of crap that wasn’t needed yet again screenshots, pictures of people we don’t know, funny facebook pictures my wife and I would send to each other. Prices from ads, or signs. And though it’s  going to take more time all I did was simply move the picture folder onto one of my backup hard drives (The other 5 from the previous years). And after I moved the hard drive my computer said I now have over 91gbs of free space! That is insane! Just by moving one folder and cleaning up my computer system I now have 91bs of space! Wild! And to think I was about to go by another $400 item to fill it up with crap! So you know what i’m about to do! Clean up my crap! The question is when are you going to clean up yours?