Looks can be deceiving!

My wife and I have made a complete shift in what we eat, and for the past 4-5 years we have been eating healthier. One of those decisions was dialing back the amount of fast food spots we go to, so one thing you can guarantee if we are on a road trip you won't find a McDonalds cup/bag in the car. And one thing I have heard over and over again is "Why does that Burger look so good in the ads but horrible when I order it." well check out behind the sense of a McDonalds photo shoot. As they show the steps they go through to make their product look perfect! Though I don't hardly eat there I love the attention to detail!

You know whats beast though? When you think of the aspect of something not being what it was intended to be! If I give my money to something I want exactly what I just saw in the ad! Give me what this professional Cook just made not that nasty burger some 16 year old kid with snot running down his nose put together! 

So question, what in your life is an advertisement? What are you making look good on the outside. But if we really got to know you it would be unappetizing.